Support for Women and Families

Parenting and Family Supportive Counselling: Raising healthy children is a difficult and yet rewarding challenge for many parents. For newcomer, refugee and single parent families the hurdles can seem to be even greater. Newcomer, immigrant and refugee parents and grandparents need support to raise healthy children in a new country with a different culture, values and language. Often times the resources are not sufficient and families are at greater risk of abuse, poverty and isolation. As a result, some parents and grandparents lack the confidence and self-esteem to raise their children or grandchildren and believe they cannot cope with the everyday demands of effective parenting. The Rexdale Women's Centre provides support to parents and families in coping with the many challenges and rewards of raising healthy children.

Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Groups: Many parents and grandparents lack the social networks and supports needed in order to parent more effectively. Connecting, sharing and building skills with peers are often powerful tools in addressing the lack of confidence, self-esteem or parenting experience needed by caregivers to successfully address everyday challenges. The Rexdale Women Centre offers parenting groups where participants learn about child development, effective discipline methods and receive information on Canadian institutions and services that can provide them with further assistance. More importantly, participants share learned expertise, views and ideas. Many of the participants develop social support networks while attending the group, which continue providing encouragement and help when the groups are finished. Upon completion of the program, often participants state that they feel more confident in parenting their children because of the techniques they learned while in the group.

  Parenting and Family Supportive Counselling and Nobody's Perfect Parenting Groups:
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